Blog makeover!!! Shout out to warrior moms everywhere!

I’m reviving my blog!  That’s right, bringing it back to life.  Not only is writing therapeutic for me, but sometimes I feel like just need to vent about humanity, or lack of humanity sometimes.  But this isn’t going to be a negative blog……… sir, there is plenty of that when you turn on the television.  More than likely you will be entertained by my sarcasm and dark humor about life in general, but in particular about the challenges of motherhood.  Or as I like to call it “real life in the motherhood”.

Moms, in my opinion do not get enough credit.  We keep households running, patch up boo boos, help our teens get through their first heart break, make sure our kids are clothed and fed, you get the point, the list goes on and on.  In addition to that though, we have to keep ourselves functioning and sane!!!  Some of us work, some of us go to school, some of us do both and all the while we are trying to maintain our identity of the person we used to be before we simply became known as “Johhny and Jane’s mother”.  And then throw in to the mix something you weren’t expecting, a special needs child, a divorce, having to fight for child support (insert your own struggle here) and now we have become Warrior Moms!!!

If your kids haven’t told you, your ex hasn’t told you, your kids teachers haven’t told you, then let me be the first to tell you today moms……YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

Some of you may know me, and if you do, you will never be surprised at what I write.  Some of you may not know me, except for this blog, and you may be surprised, but you will probably laugh, and you will appreciate my real approach.  I feel we live in an age where there is too much…..far too much women bashing between women.  We need to come together, because nobody realizes your struggle, like another woman, or in this case another mom.

Its time for us to build each up, pat each other on the back and unite and rise up to be the strong women and mothers we were destined to be.  We need to do it for ourselves, not our kids, not our ex partners and not because society tells us to.  We need to do it because we owe it to ourselves to be the best that we can be!!


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